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we are

NUN is your new favourite middle-east corner in milan! 

opened in 2013 by 8 friends

that wanted to reinvent kebab

1. kebab revolution

think of the standard kebab you are used to; now forget about it!

'cause what we offer at nun is refined gourmet doner kebab, prepared with high quality, 100% italian chicken meat.

2. veggies veggies veggies (we love veggies)

apart from kebab, everything else is vegetarian and vegan! you will find so many healthy green options, you won't know where to start from.

'cause the mediterranean diet is simply the best thing in the world.

3. take a break from italian food!

in milan you don't have many options to taste some proper middle-eastern specialties. that's the reason why we exist!

here at nun you will find falafel, hummus, baba-ganoush, fattoush salad, baklavas and much much more!

4. may i ask your name?

this is the first thing you will hear walking in our restaurant.

because we like to treat our customers as friends, making them feel home, no matter how far they come from!

5. less is more

well, we do middle-eastern food, but we still are italian, so we just can't help it: beauty needs to be part of our everyday life!

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