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Revolutionize the KEBAB!

a very popular food in Milan





Getting tired of the usual kebab with just onions, tomatoes and spicy sauce?

You can choose up whatever combination you would like to. Get inspired!


Are you strict vegan? A meat lover? Are you on a diet or just would like to try out some middle eastern sauces?


At NUN flexibility rules! of course a middle eastern one!

We get the same product, the kebab, and we reinvent it. We transform it and we improve it on a quality level. We integrate it in an organic offer of middle eastern  products (hummus, babaganoush, bademjan, etc.), we serve it with a smile and make you taste it in a modern, clean and functional environment.

Our Kebab is made with poultry meat traced to 100%, with ritual Halal slaughtered and subjected to strict controls. We have chosen to offer chicken meat for the delicacy of its flavor and lightness that gives the sandwich.


Our Kebab is light and appetizing, fit for a healthy lifestyle, so attentive to the quality and nutrient content than looking for a unique flavor in all its combinations.



Falafel is a traditional Arabic dish, it is fried balls made ​​of chickpeas and parsley with chopped onion, garlic and flavored with cumin, salt and black pepper.
Falafel are very popular all over the Middle East, especially in Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Israel, where the dish is enjoyed by all communities, irrespective of their religion.


Our homemade falafel are fried at the moment. We propose both the classic version and the spicy one.

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